What is Urban Farming?

Urban gardening is the process of growing plants of all types and varieties in an urban environment. Urban gardening, which is also known as urban horticulture or urban agriculture, encompasses several unique gardening concepts, including: Container gardening: Common for people with small patios, yards, or balconies.

Benefits of Urban Gardening:

Food Security

Afford nutritious, safe, and an abundance of food.

Creates a Sense of Belonging

Produces Healthy Food You Can Respect

 Provides a Learning Opportunity

 Makes Efficient Use of Land.

218,770 Children Statewide  with Food Insecurity.

31,687 Children in Tulsa Impacted Daily.



To create a culture of excellence by providing a rigorous, art-infused, social-emotional curriculum that prepares students for college and the world beyond. Our leadership and staff approach their work with creativity and determination with a focus on individualized learning models to reach the learning needs of all students.


Our organization values the engagement and involvement of our scholars,families, and communities. Our program  educates students and members of the Tulsa community to grow their own food. 


HydroAqua918 is an "Agriculture in Schools" program which implements indoor gardens for the student's to take part in hands on learning. The program serves a dual purpose.


First, the garden will provide scholar's and the community with access to fresh food.


Secondly, the program will serve as a second pathway for scholar's to be active change agents and engage in sustainable development practices to fight food insecurity in North Tulsa. The program will engage upwards of 60 scholar's twice a week for 32 weeks.


Scholar's will engage in seed germination, harvesting of crops, and the economics of agriculture and STEM. 

You are invited to SUPPORT our community by BECOMING a Community Partner.